Check if the bank has underestimated the commission refund with early loan repayment

This situation has improved. Some banks started paying commissions to clients after making a complaint. However, it should be noted that each bank has its own policy of making such returns because the CJEU’s provision does not specify the mathematical formula for refunding part of the commission.

Banks also interpret returns policy differently. One bank gives funds to all customers, another only for those loans that were repaid after September 11, and another since the material view of Good Finance and the Financial Ombudsman regarding commission refunds.

Banks use the return calculation methods

Banks use the return calculation methods

They have developed to minimize the costs of the CJEU judgment. Banks should use the proportional method. However, some banks use the capital-weighted method. Others have invented and named other methods. Cites the act on the policy of including commissions in revenues.

The customer in all this does not know how much money he should get. And SKOK or the bank is convinced that if something “loose”, the client will unhook.
In most loans, the commission was credited. So if the commission was reimbursable, should the interest accrued on this commission also be refunded?

If we borrow money from the bank, the bank charges us interest. And what happens when the bank is in arrears with money? As the most – the only question is when do you calculate these interest rates? The answer, unfortunately, is ambiguous. Only a few banks pay interest in the complaint procedure. Banks would not pay interest at all, however, the courts most often plant interest:
– from loan repayment
– from the loan repayment date minus 15 days (it results from the banking law that the bank should settle accounts with us within 14 days)
– from the moment of requesting the overdue funds – i.e. e.g. from the day of sending the request for payment

Doubts about whether the bank accounts for your refund correctly?


You must know that banks settle accounts partly with the client, reducing their costs in such a way as not to expose them to high penalties of Good Finance. They prefer to pay something to show Good Finance that they are implementing the CJEU’s decision. And they don’t want to pay it all out. Therefore, use our consultation and we will verify whether you have received everything you deserve from the bank!

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